Nonna is my Italian grandmother. Like most Italian grandmothers she knows how to make everything seem a little bit better. She listens to your problems, will always take your side, and knows that the secret to a happy life begins with homemade food that is made with love. She is the keeper of our family recipes.

Growing up I spent a lot of time watching and listening, and in truth, very little time cooking. I watched as my grandmother put together her sauce and meatballs, her fried veal, and stuffed artichokes. I listened to the endless collection (and renditions) of family stories that accompanied each of these recipes.  I watched my mom prepare her grandmother’s stuffing and Italian Prune Cake.  I would listen as she called my grandmother no less than eight times every Thanksgiving to “double check” the turkey preparation.  I knew at a young age my Dad’s love affair with seafood was something special. When he made his bouillabaisse, the best part of the meal was going with him to the market to pick out the seafood.

A few years ago, I thought it was about time someone created a space for those stories, recipes, and memories to live, and so My Nonna’s Kitchen was born. It is meant to celebrate food, family and friends and remind all of us of what it means to truly live la buona vita.

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